The 2023 Season of FIA Smart Driving Challenge is underway

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and global provider of driver crash probability and climate impact intelligence Greater Than have launched the 2023 Season of the FIA Smart Driving Challenge (SDC).

Wake up to the dangers of tired driving

Tired driving is a hidden risk factor that is often ignored. It’s important to know the signs, and how to prevent driving fatigued. Read on to learn more.

End of Daylight Saving Time: Follow our Safe Driving Tips!

In many countries around the world, people are preparing to put their clocks back one hour to mark the end of Daylight Saving Time (DST). For drivers, this is likely to mean more hours spent driving in the dark – in many cases combined with “rush-hour” traffic. Here are 5 tips to prepare for driving in the dark following the end of DST.

Driver focus: Why it’s important and how to improve it

Driver focus plays a crucial role in road safety and is an important part of smart driving. Lack of focus can cause unnecessary speed variation, and therefore unnecessary acceleration and braking. It can be detrimental to both safety and sustainability.

Garmin joins the FIA Smart Driving Challenge Official Timing partner for 2022.

Garmin® joins FIA Smart Driving Challenge as the Global Official Timing Partner.