Road Safety

Sharing the road safely

Knowing how to show consideration to other road users is important. Here are five top tips for sharing the road safely.

The importance of a safe following distance

A safe following distance is one of the golden rules of being a smart driver. But what constitutes a safe following distance, and how do you measure it?

How does gamification support fleet safety and sustainability?

Gamification is helping to transform the way businesses communicate driver safety and sustainability messages. Discover five ways gamification can help your company engage drivers in your safety and eco mission.

Driver focus: Why it’s important and how to improve it

Driver focus plays a crucial role in road safety and is an important part of smart driving. Lack of focus can cause unnecessary speed variation, and therefore unnecessary acceleration and braking. It can be detrimental to both safety and sustainability.

How can FIA SDC engage and inspire?

Employee engagement is a key component in business success. That’s why FIA SDC includes multiple features to encourage engagement. Learn how the app can help you communicate with employees about safer driving behavior.

How does FIA SDC’s AI technology work?

FIA SDC’s scoring system uses Greater Than’s unique pattern AI technology. The higher the score, the safer and more eco-friendly your ride. But how does the technology work?

What can be achieved with eco-driving?

Eco-driving is a style of driving that is better for the environment. But that’s not the only benefit. Discover the top five benefits of eco-driving.

How safety and eco-driving go hand in hand

Did you know that driving for work is the most dangerous work activity many people do? And that transport is the main cause of air pollution in cities? Learn more about driver safety and eco-driving now.

Incorporating driver safety into ESG reporting

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting is rapidly growing in importance. Driver safety plays an important role in ESG reporting. Read more about why.

Why smart driving makes good business sense

The FIA SDC is a challenge in smart driving where people all over the world can participate. Why does smart driving matter? More importantly, what can it do for your organization?
Here are five reasons why smart driving is good for business.

Smart driving and its link to fuel consumption

Encouraging smart driving is an excellent way to drive down fuel costs, since driving behavior is directly linked to fuel consumption. It also corresponds directly to driver safety and sustainability.