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Terms & Conditions:
Discount Code “Drive Well Challenge”

What is the validity of the discount?

This 15% discount is valid from 18th October 2022 at 00:00 to 18th January 2023 at 23:59. The discount is subject to stock availability. The discount is not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

How do I get the discount?

Discount code will be displayed in the FIA Smart Driving Challenge app after joining the Drive Well – powered by Garmin” subevent.

Which products are eligible?

The discount code is valid, subject to availability, for the following products:
010-02036-10 Drive 52 EU MT-S
010-02036-11 Drive 52 EU MT RDS
010-02036-2G Drive 52 Southern EU MT-S
010-02826-10 Drive 55 MT-S EU
010-02037-13 DriveSmart 55 EU MT-D
010-02153-10 DriveSmart 65 with Amazon Alexa MT-S, EU
010-02038-12 DriveSmart 65 EU MT-S
010-02038-13 DriveSmart 65 EU MT-D
010-02469-10 DriveSmart 66 EU MT-S
010-02469-11 DriveSmart 66 EU MT-D
010-02469-12 DriveSmart 66 with Amazon Alexa EU MT-S
010-02470-10 DriveSmart 76 EU MT-S
010-02470-11 DriveSmart 76 EU MT-D
010-02470-12 DriveSmart 76 with Amazon Alexa EU MT-S
010-02471-12 DriveSmart 86 with Amazon Alexa EU MT-D
010-02471-15 DriveSmart 86 MT-S
010-02037-32 DriveSmart 55 UK/Ireland MT-S
010-02037-12 DriveSmart 55 EU MT-S
010-02729-10 DriveCam 76 EU, MT-D, GPS
010-02729-15 DriveCam 76, EU, GPS
The discount indicated here applies only to sales made by Garmin on: sells and ships products to end-user customers only. We, therefore, reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders.

How quickly will I get my order?

Processing and shipping times may vary. Please check the processing time on the product page and add up to 5 business days for delivery. Any delivery date stated on the Site or in any document or email is approximate only and shall not constitute any guarantee of delivery on any particular date.

How many products can I order?

You can order 1 item per transaction. This discount is subject to stock availability.

Are the same discount and products available everywhere?

This discount is only available for sales made by Garmin on Not all discounts and products are available in all countries so the discounts and products available for you will be those of the country website in which you are based.

What are the general Terms & Conditions of Sale?

The Terms & Conditions of Sale can be found