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We are inviting all road users to take part in the Drive Well Challenge – powered by Garmin, a Subevent of the global FIA Smart Driving Challenge.

Join the Challenge to learn how to drive more safely and reduce your environmental impact as well as your risk of being involved in a crash.

You can also opt to share your Garmin health data with us to help investigate the link between health and safe driving.
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When does the challenge take place?
The Drive Well Challenge – powered by Garmin will take place from 18 October 2022 to 17 January 2023. The Challenge includes three monthly heats.
Are there any prizes?
Prizes will be awarded to the winner of each monthly heat. All participants will receive a 15% discount code that can be redeemed against selected Garmin automotive devices (valid within EU + UK). Please see terms & conditions.
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What happens during the Challenge?
Each time you drive you will receive a score which establishes your ranking in the Challenge. The higher the score, the smarter your driving pattern. During the Challenge you will also receive feedback to help improve your driving and move up the ranking. To compete you need to drive a minimum of 10km during 2 out of 4 weeks per heat.
How is my driving measured during the Challenge?
Each drive is measured in real time by the FIA SDC app to evaluate your FIA Smart Driving Challenge score. The data is sent to an AI based platform, called Enerfy® by Greater Than. The AI solution calculates the smartness of your driving by relying on several elements: energy efficiency, eco-driving, and road safety. Thanks to the data received, your driving score is delivered in real time.
What are the technical requirements to join?
The competition runs on the FIA SDC app, which you need to download to your smartphone and use during participation. You are also required to connect the app to your car via Bluetooth (in the same way as you connect your phone to play music etc.). Once you have connected, the app will run in the background and score you everytime you drive your vehicle.
What is the health and safe driving study?
Greater Than is inviting participants who are taking part in the Challenge to share their health data so that this can be analyzed in conjunction with the driving data. This will provide a new level of understanding into how factors such as fatigue, stress and illness affect road risk before you even step into your vehicle. When joining the Drive Well Challenge – powered by Garmin you will be asked if you wish to opt in so your Garmin health data can be analyzed by Greater Than.
How will Greater Than use your health data?
The data will be used to help Greater Than understand the link between health and safe driving. The data will be used at an aggregated level for the purposes of the study only. No individual data will be analyzed, used, or acted upon in any way. To learn more, please read the challenge specific terms & conditions.
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It’s easy to join the Drive Well Challenge – powered by Garmin. Simply download the FIA SDC app and locate the Drive Well Challenge - powered by Garmin in the start/me page.
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About the FIA Smart Driving Challenge (SDC)

The FIA SDC aims to help reduce pollution and increase safety on the roads. While driving, motorists get their driving assessed in real-time by our AI-technology, that evaluates each trip’s level of risk and carbon footprint. Just by making motorists aware of their impact we can create a positive change.

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge is a challenge in smart driving that people all over the world can join.

At the end of each season a grand final is held in which the top 20 smartest drivers participate. The winner is crowned "Smartest Driver".

Learn more about the FIA Smart Driving Challenge.
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