Are you the smartest driver of Automechanika?

The FIA Smart Driving Automechanika Challenge is the challenge for road safety and sustainability on the roads. Join to take action for lowering your emissions and promote safer roads. Together, exhibitors, visitors and partners of Automechanika can make a substantial impact on our roads. 
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Mockup of the FIA SDC Automechanika challenge

The easy way to sustainable roads

Take part of an important shift in how you drive
20% lower CO2
FIA SDC evaluates CO2 emissions per trip. Driving smart means using less energy, and less energy means lower CO2 emissions. Together we can make a great impact for the environment!
30% safer roads
While driving, motorists get their driving assessed in real-time by our AI-technology, that understands each trip’s level of risk. Higher the score, safer the ride.
100%  change maker
FIA Tracking, improving and inspiring others to join the FIA SDC is an easy way to make a difference. No need to buy a new car, or change all your habits. Change is already in your hands.

How does it work?

Per season there will be 20 heats (each heat is 1 week long).

After each heat, all the individual teams will be scored in the ranking list. You’ll need to drive atleast 10 km per heat (all trips over 1 km is included). Drive during your everyday life.

Try to receive as high scores as possible by driving smart.
How to get started?
1.Click the "Join the challenge" button
2.Download the FIA SDC app
3.Choose your team leader
4.Compete during your everyday driving, and follow your progress in the app.
Join the challenge

Meet your teamleaders

Portrait of Tomáš Enge
Discipline: Circuit & Rally
I love to be the best behind the steering wheel and I'm sure everyone who join me has the same goal.
Gosia Rdest in racing outfit in front of racing car
Discipline: Car racing
Motorsport is definitely one of her biggest interests, absorbing her in every possible form - racing, testing, driving a simulator and involvement in the development of this field, especially while promoting women in motor sport.
Oliver Solberg sitting in his RallyX car
Discipline: RallyX Nordix
Oliver Solberg is the son of Petter Solberg, and drives his father's car in the Nordic RallyX-team!
Petter Solberg in racing outfit, standing with his car
Discipline: WRX
The first thing that comes in my mind when I am behind the wheel is the “safe driving”. Let's take this challenge together in the FIA Smart Driving Challenge for "safer roads".


FIA SDC is an initiative to reduce the CO2 emission and increase the safety on the roads. While driving, motorists get their driving assessed in real-time by our Artificial Intelligence technology, that understands each trip’s level of risk and carbon footprint. Making motorists aware of the impact drives enormous positive change.

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge (SDC) is also a competition in smart driving where people all over the world compete in their everyday driving.

At the end of this year’s season a big final is held where the top 20 smartest drivers compete head to head and the winner is crowned the Smartest Driver 2022.

Learn more about FIA Smart Driving Challenge
Visit  FIA SDC website

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