Tina Thörner

In 2008 Tina Thörner was in the Middle East competing with Nasser Saleh Al-Attiyha (Qatar), right now the largest sports profile there - they won two World Cups in 2008, one in the series and one in the Baja series. In this constellation, there has only been one such successful sports team in the world! They also led Dakarrally in South America in 2009 when we had to break the sixth stage.

Tina Thörner's career in motor sports started in 1990. Since then, she has won three women´s World Championship titles, two second places in Gr. N. rally world championship and two world cup wins in rally raid 2008 & 2009. To her main merits, she expect a second and third place in the famous Dakar rally.

Perhaps her most famous drivers have been Colin McRae, Jutta Kleinschmidt, Kenneth Eriksson and Ari Vatanen; In addition, she has navigated to about twenty international drivers.

🇸🇪 Rally driver

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Discipline: Rally & Rally raid

Born: 1966

Being in the nature, walking, jogging, cycling. Golf, Down hill skiing, Riding Horses. Reading books and gaining new knowledge. Developing as a person each and every day and with that supporting others to grow even more!

Some Facts:
Been professional co-driver for 25 years. Co-driven the fastest women and men! 3x Female World Rally Championship titles. 1x World Cup winner in Rally Raids. 2nd over all in Dakar Rally. 2nd over all in Rally Sweden.

What music do you like to listen to when you drive?
Rock and pop before the start of a special stage (to create dynamic and pump up the energy from within) and soft lyrics after the finish of a stage (calming down not listening to any text, just let the rhythm carry me away).

Do you have any mileage that you fancy the most to drive, why this one?
Love to drive a cabriole, wind in the hair, sun shining along and listen to good music and my favorite drive is on the roads of Hawaii.

What is your best tip to drive smart?
Find the enjoyment in focusing on just driving when I am behind the steering wheel. Keep a flow in my driving, planning ahead.

Why should anyone join your team?
To be a part of our exchange in triggering all of us to become the “SMARTEST of the SMARTEST drivers” together for our ENVIRONMENT and ROAD SAFETY! Be role models and nudge others to join in for the higher purpose! Our generation ARE THE ONES to make the CHANGE… and turn this around for the future!

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