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Connect your car and start driving smart – for the environment, for safer roads and for our future. Join the movement.

How do we make a difference?

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20% less CO2 emissions
FIA SDC evaluates CO2 emissions per trip. Driving smart means using less energy, and less energy means lower CO2 emissions. Together we can have a real impact!
30% safer roads
While driving, motorists get their driving assessed in real-time by our AI-technology, that understands each trip’s level of risk. The higher the score, the safer the ride.
100%  change maker
Measuring, improving and inspiring others to join the FIA SDC is an easy way to make a difference. No need to buy a new car, change is already in your hands.

The easy way to sustainability

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A global challenge for everyone

Everyone can become a smarter driver and everyone can be a part of this movement. 

Measurable actions

By monitoring your driving you get clear insights on what you have accomplish. 

Driving statistics

Get access to your driving history and statistics. Check driven mileage, CO2 savings and scores measuring safety.

Feedback to improve your driving

We help you become a better driver. Feedback is provided after each trip to show you how to be a smarter driver.

Works in all cars, everywhere

The FIA SDC app works independently of weather conditions, location and vehicle type. 

A score to trust

The FIA SDC smart score is the only independent global smart driving score. 

How does it work?

Download the app and connect it to your car via Bluetooth in order to access the global challenge. Once you start driving the app will detect this and give you feedback on how you handle your vehicle.

The scoring system in FIA SDC is based on how safe and eco-friendly your driving is. You will also receive feedback on your level of focus, how well you anticipate and handle situations in traffic as well as your eco-driving.

Your score will evolve and change over time, depending on your driving. A few tricks and hints on how to be a smarter driver can help you increase your score - and you can become a safer motorist - no matter where you are in the world.

Why people use FIA SDC

I love driving with the FIA SDC as it gives me instant feedback on my road safety performance and CO2 emissions. I've always driven safe but to see an actual score on it, it's amazing. 


Stockholm, Sweden
Through tracking my driving, I keep myself accountable for my behavior on the road. I can see the impact I make, and I know I am not only doing a good thing for the world – I am also saving money at the same time

Alexandre, 2x FIA SDC champion

Using the FIA SDC app is a constant reminder of how my driving impact the safety of others and the future of our planet. I'm proud to use the App and to save 24% CO2 in average on my trips.


Stockholm, Sweden

About the FIA Smart Driving Challenge

FIA SDC aims to help reduce pollution and increase safety on the roads. While driving, motorists get their driving assessed in real-time by our AI-technology, that understands each trip’s level of risk and carbon footprint. Just by making motorists aware of their impact we can create a positive change.

FIA SDC is also a challenge in smart driving in which people all over the world can participate.

At the end of each season a grand final is held in which the top 20 smartest drivers compete. The winner is crowned the Smartest Driver in the World.

Start driving smart today

Drive like you always have -  just smarter.
Save lives, resources and lower your CO2 emissions. 

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Meet the team

Giniel De Villiers in racing outfit
Discipline: Rally Dakar
We all need to do what we can to make our roads safer, and also, this is gonna be really fun. Join me in FIA SDC!
Gosia Rdest in racing outfit in front of racing car
Discipline: Car racing
Motorsport is definitely one of her biggest interests, absorbing her in every possible form - racing, testing, driving a simulator and involvement in the development of this field, especially while promoting women in motor sport.
Henning Solberg sitting in his rally car
Discipline: WRC
The first thing that comes in my mind when I am behind the wheel is the “safe driving”. Let's take this challenge together in the FIA Smart Driving Challenge for "safer roads".
Nasser al Kuwari in racing clothes
Discipline: CCR
Join Nasser Al-Kuwari's team in FIA SDC. Compete together for safer roads and cleaner air!

Latest updates from FIA SDC Instagram

When we start to feel tired, our focus starts to fade, increasing crash risk. Taking regular breaks helps us to retain focus so aim for at least 15 minutes for every two hours of driving.  #FIASDC #FIASmartdrivingchallenge #FIA #Drivingtip
With only 9 days to go of the June challenge, RedCowRacing, Charlo and Magneto96 have the chance to be this month's finalists.  There is still time to challenge them on the winning titles. Good luck and may the Smartest driver win!
#fiasmartdrivingchallenge #fiasdc
Hands off the horn!! Why? In a European study, 9 out of 10 drivers said they’re more considerate in traffic if other drivers are. 5 out of 10 drivers also said they take out their frustrations on other drivers if they themselves are treated badly in traffic. In other words, act nicely to be treated nicely! #FIASmartDrivingChallenge #FIASDC #smartdriving
The need for safe, eco-friendly driving is more important than ever. In FIA SDC we track and analyze your performance with real-time data insights.  Connect easily to the vehicle via Bluetooth, and receive feedback after each trip on driving factors such as focus, anticipation, and eco-driving.  Get started for free today! 
#fiasdc #fiasmartdrivingchallenge #ecodriving

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